Getting back our Arabic Identity

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The west control our life style using their own social media to poison our culture and our children with their fucked up ideas

First of all in the last decade the social media started to control every aspect in our life , people start to forget about the nature of life and becomes a slave to thier phones 

Facebook and instgram influnce 90% of the world population right now , like thier is a hole genration that can't go anywhere or do anything new without posting it first in thier social media pages , espicially youth umder 21 years of old 

Nowadays it becomes very dengoures to leave your children on the social media alone because there is lots of misleading information and wrong habits that your child might learn just because it's a trend wither it's right or wrong , the social media becomes very scary world for the young adults that doesn't know the diffrent betwwen right and wrong

Espicially for arabs they get influnced very easily with the westrn world and they are ready to do anything to live like them , the used thier AI to promate to us what will mentally destroys us and destroy our arbic identy 

And Thats what made us to come  with the idea of creating our own arbic social network that we can control to protect our youth from the misleading trend and information that destroy our arabic identity 

SOOTEY.COM is the simplest way to commiunicate with all of your friends in the ARAB world